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all delivered from the beautiful Highlands of Scotland!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A Cairngorm September

Contrary to vicious rumour, the sun does sometimes shine in the Highlands of Scotland. Here are a few pics from a couple of vaguely energetic forays into the Cairngorms this September.

It's taken me a long time to attune to the Cairngorms. It probably needed a couple of wild camps right in the Cairngorm heartland for me to appreciate the unique nature of the landscape. It's not like the west coast of Scotland, where the peaks are spikier, the ridges narrower. The Cairngorm is predominantly high, rolling, upland plateaux, cut into deeply by a number of coires and through-passes. The atmosphere is specific to the area, the wildlife a bit different. To complain because it's not like the spiky Cuillin of Skye is like moaning about parsnips because they don't taste like brussels sprouts.

I've come to feel increasing affection for the Cairngorm hills, just down the road from me, really.