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Thursday, 4 June 2020

There's Nothing There....

Question: What do man-made climate emergency, Covid-19 crisis, and George Floyd-related protests/riots all have in common?

Answer: When you look into them, there's nothing there.

Climate emergency: hoax. While human activities obviously have an impact upon climate, the dire predictions just aren't happening, and aren't likely to. Psy-op.

Covid-19 world lockdown crisis. We should take all 'statistics' with a hefty pinch of salt. But here are some 'official' ones. WHO figures (2017) for typical global flu deaths per annum: 290,000 - 650,000. Worldometer figures for Covid-19 deaths worldwide to date,  published yesterday: 382,000. Conclusion: hugely, hugely exaggerated global fear response. Largely psy-op, hoax.

Protests/riots based upon supposition of rampant racism. Hoax, hoax, hoax. Total bullshit. There is less racism around today than at any other time during my lifetime. The vast majority of people rub along together pretty well. Suddenly, though, there's vicious terrible racism all over the place. It's a total lie.

Let's believe the official story. Bad white cop kills good black guy. That's not very good, is it? But bad people are killing people unnecessarily all the time, all over the place. None of that's very good either. But on the national and international stage it normally receives roughly zero interest.

You don't need to be Nostradamus to predict a summer of severe civil unrest in the USA. The presidential elections are scheduled for November, and there are plenty of big guys out there desperate to get rid of the current boss at any cost.

It's best to remember the diabolic inversion in operation at present. The real fascists are the antifascists. Antifa: authoritarian, intolerant, militaristic, not averse to a little violence here and there. The arch feminists, the transgender activists, the antiracists are the true sexists and racists. They encourage folk to identify with gender, race, whatever, at every possible opportunity, thus creating their own tiny individual box which sets them against anyone who doesn't fit into their own box. Alienation, separation, division: the name of the game of modern anti-racists and anti-sexists alike.

Panic, fear, anger, hate: the defining emotions that keep humans in a little box, stationed at the root of the pyramid of human possibilities. Keep people inside that box and they are easy  meat. Manipulated at will. Climate and corona v. major on fear and panic, and now it's the time for a little hate. All manufactured, of course.

Like Extinction Rebellion, those out raising fists for George Floyd think they are challenging the Establishment. And like those climate fanatics, they are completely wrong. They are Establishment. 101% Establishment. It's the name of the game, what keeps it turning round: fear, panic, anger, hate. Keep the infernal emotional mix going, round and round, round and round, the eternal cycle, the infernal cycle. To trick people into thinking they are destroying you while they are in truth supporting your own horrible little world is just one of the games played.

It's all a hoax. The entire world stage is built upon deluded fantasies, that's all. Take a look. there's nothing there, nothing there.....

Monday, 1 June 2020

Notes From the Paper Trail

Part One

During the course of writing my previous post I conducted a search for face mask images. I was surprised and intrigued that duckduckgo ('gargoyle search' is history hereabouts, life feels a bit better for that) threw up a whole bunch of articles from late February, early March, just as you-know-what was getting going.

It was like coming across a stash of historical documents: three months has been a long time. What became crystal clear from looking at these articles was how the fear-panic-hysteria reaction was being put firmly in place right at the beginning. 'New very dangerous virus runs riot in Wuhan' (a far-off place somewhere in China that, until a few months ago, most Brits had never heard of. That the new danger issued from a mysterious location added to the danger-mystique vibe. Coronavirus coming out of Basingstoke wouldn't have had the same impact on the British population).

'The virus is coming. It's running riot in Italy.' 'The virus is coming, and it's getting closer.' 'First case of virus confirmed in Britain.' '28 new cases of virus in England yesterday.' And so it continued.

The entire theatre has been predicated upon this one initial supposition: Covid-19 is roughly the most deadly thing to have ever hit our lives; anything and everything must be done to stop it. Once this message had been seeded into the collective consciousness, everything else could follow without hindrance. Be afraid, and do just as you are told so that we can prevent it.

This is the vital ingredient and, in any discussion of you-know-what, it's necessary to return to this initial move in order to understand everything else. The virus is awful, panic is justified. It's only when you begin to see past the mass deception that everything starts to fall into place, before simply falling apart.

Apparently, mainstream continues to push relentlessly 'news' of ever-increasing gore. They have to do it. Having sold the world a hideous lie, causing untold unnecessary suffering and loss, they have to keep ramping it up, desperately trying to hide their mind crimes, and hold onto their 'credibility' (which was shot through long ago, if truth be told).

Part Two

A while back, a friend proposed that 'they' must be very clever to have organised and stage-managed it all so immaculately. 'If they can do that, I concede that they are more intelligent than me.' These were his words, more or less.

I disagree. Firstly, this friend is a pretty intelligent guy, properly intelligent, not a psychopathic mind with a skill in devious planning. Also, I don't think it's so tricky to achieve. 'They' had time to plan it. All that is needed is to put a small number of elements into place and leave the minions to put it into operation. 'This is the virus, this is its danger, these are the things you have to do to deal with the virus - close businesses, stay indoors, don't travel.' That's about it, really.

My wife is an interesting case. She is interesting for many reasons, but in this instance it's the fact that she doesn't do mainstream media. She just doesn't watch the 'news', read the 'news'papers or internet 'news'. This means that some people get frustrated when she doesn't know something or someone who they think it's important to know about. But most importantly, it means her mind is relatively clear, unstained by the biases and programming that exposure to the mainstream inevitably brings. She sees what's actually in front of her, not what she's told is there.

The thing is this: my wife has worked it all out, by herself pretty much. I have spoken to her a bit about things, but not much; and she reserves the right to consider me an idiot in my ideas, anyway. She watched Rose/Icke ll. But she has worked it out through simple observation. Looking at what's happening, what we're told to do. Observing people, their fear, their panic, their other reactions. Reflecting on whether this is rational or mad. Reading notices in the streets, walking through the deserted shopping centre. It's been an eye-opener for me to see what can be done if you only take off the poisoned blinkers of mainstream programming (which is all the mainstream is today). It's all there, right in front of you. Just look! And turn off the bloody television. Completely.

Part Three

Sunshine, shorts, barbecues. Paddling pools, riverside walks with ice creams from outdoors ice cream vendors. Long-awaited tearful reunions with family members, friends. Such was the flavour of the weekend just passed. 'Lockdown relaxed' is what it's called.

Amongst the relief, the release, the euphoria almost, it will be easy to commit a fatal error, and lose sight of all that has gone on. "Thank goodness that's all over. Let's get on with life again. The horror - let's forget it."

I imagine it's part of the orchestrated psychological drama. If I can work it out, so can others who are on the job 24/7, and whose nefarious minds work that way. Submit people to tortures, release them, and they'll be so happy to be freed that they'll willingly forget about all that has been done to them. Happy to march on oblivious in forgetfulness.

It's only when we leave behind the riverside paths, the cyclists, the families with young ones in pushchairs, and enter the portals of the town centre that it comes flooding back. The closed shops, some barricaded; the streets deserted by all apart from the sun; the sense of loss, of desolation. We go to the railway station. Seats sealed off, for purposes of 'social distancing'. Sunlight beams through the half-transparent roof, but its light is eerie. A train pulls in, and I count two people, literally, who get off. 'Only essential travel' we are told. "What is essential travel exactly?" askes my wife. Another good and unanswerable question.

Lest we forget. Remembrance, not in rancour, not in harbouring a wound, a grudge. No, not these emotions. Remembrance in knowledge, in absorption of the truth, and in honour of the loving heart. And remembrance in full knowledge that it's not over yet, but continues, indeed has probably only just begun. Remembrance in readiness for what is to come....

Part Four

What's he about? What's he up to? Trump.

Authorities hold no prior credibility in my eyes any longer. Not a dime's worth. But Trump? He's an enigma, isn't he?

The alternative media is split. Some see him as just another in the long line of authoritarian bullies who have served as President of the USA over the years. Others regard him as a sole beacon of hope for the independent, individual human being, in the vast sea of military-style collectiveness which increasingly characterises human affairs nowadays.

The vaccine. Does he really want the vaccine? The universal vaccine? The mandatory vaccine? The Bill Gates full-of-mind-and-body-fucking-shit vaccine? He sometimes speaks as if he does. But a good deal of his fan base is mid-west and deep south USA, if I'm correct. The Bible people, with definite and unfashionable views on all sorts of stuff. I don't think they are all vaccine people, with pictures of Saint Gates hanging above their bed.

And Fauci. What's Trump doing going around with Fauci at his side? It takes about ten minutes of research to see that Fauci is a career criminal, hanging out pretty near the top of the vaccine mafia tree. Fauci knew the plandemic was coming. He said so back in 2017: 'One thing we can guarantee; during this presidential term there'll be a surprise pandemic.' His words, more or less. Er, excuse me: how is something a surprise if we can guarantee it??

These guys are sometimes so pleased with themselves, it seems they can't keep their mouths shut.

So if I know all this stuff, and plenty of other folk know this stuff, for sure the people round Trump know this stuff, as does the president himself. So what is going on? Is Trump really up for the deception? Or is he playing some game, of cat-and-mouse, or chess with very high stakes at the end. I confess that I don't know.  


Four videos, over two hours in total, of excellent reportage on the B(ill)east G(ates)reat. You need a stomach for some of it, but it's an important source at these times, when our personal fancies maybe shouldn't rate too highly.

A fascinating short interview with another of those German doctors who are coming up with the goods at the moment.
Image: Hellgate London pc game

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Behind the Mask

Part One: Satan's Little Infection

Whether or not there is a real virus behind it all - let's assume for the time being that there is - one thing is for certain. It has in no way warranted closing down the activities of half of humanity, destroying literally millions of businesses and livelihoods across the globe, locking away vast numbers of people in their own houses.

Once you detach yourself from the group meme of fear and panic, you see clearly. It constitutes an attack on the human species. It's not the virus that's the biggest problem, it's the measures instituted in order to, we are told, deal with the virus, the hidden enemy.

My realisation about 'clapping for the NHS', how it embodies this dark ritualistic element, effectively constituting a ritual of consent, which opened a door in my mind. I began to see how much of what has been imposed upon the world comes tinged with the flavour of dark ritual; black magick.

All is steel cold, measured, calculated. It's all been about 'the daily figures': numbers of infections, numbers of deaths. And then we have 'excess morbidity figures'. All is announced ritualistically. More statistics, more calculations, when we are actually talking about people dying from stress, anxiety, fear of hospitals because of the virus, the extinguishing of hope, the breaking of hearts.

It is said by some who know about such things, that the time has arrived for the dark non-human force behind so much of the hideousness in human affairs to show its face. To announce its presence. The questions arises: how does a non-human force show its face? Not by the sight of funny green men strolling down the (deserted) high street one morning. No. They are announcing their presence already, in the manner by which this 'current situation' communicates itself. It is their language and their doing.

Stats, figures, measurements, calculations: this is the language of the heartless. It is the currency of those who never had a heart or soul, or of those whose soul has been stolen. This non-human force has no heart, no soul. This is its characteristic. It only knows measurement, technology. It possesses a kind of robotic genius. It is insanely jealous of humans, with their hearts and souls, and seeks to destroy them completely, transforming them into beings devoid of creativity, of love, of imagination, of access to the divine.

This non-human force lays great stress on ritualistic behaviour: robotic, repetitive, not requiring imagination and human creativity. And this is precisely what is being played out currently. The mind of the non-human force informs the flavour of all that is being rolled out at present, in the guise of saving us, while all the time destroying us. And does so through stylised, ritual behaviours.

We have already discussed the nefarious and completely delusory role of computer modelling, a perfect reflection of the statistic mind. The mechanical, mechanistic mind. The ritual of numbers.

And then we have the mask.

The mask, the mask. What is a mask? It's a covering, a cover-up. Put on a mask and you participate in a ritual of hiding, secrecy, anonymity.

Peoples throughout time have known the value and the function of the mask. Shamans would put on a mask to invite and take on the qualities of spirits or power animals: to become something else - something of value to the community, in this case. I have always found mesmerising scenes in films set in the eighteenth century, where the behaved, civilised well-to-do engage in party and dance involving the mask. The dancing is highly formalised - ritualised - and the mask grants permission for the normally socially constrained to exercise their most extreme and perverse desires and deviant sexual ways.

The mask of the Venice Carnival is a source of infinite fascination. Other egos, alter egos, taking on new subversive faces for the night. But our mask, the corona mask? It does not create a new personality; it hides the personality, is a 'character robber'. It takes away our most intimate humanity.

And what else?

Our mask is the surgical mask, the anonymous mask. This is the purpose of the ritual: to deny, to denigrate, to humiliate the person. To take away the humanity from the human. It removes our individual expression, sponges out our expressiveness of love, of joy, of frustration, of anger.

What is going on behind that mask pushing a supermarket trolley? Don't know. Friend or foe? No idea. What face lies behind that characterless piece of cloth? Beautiful or hideous? Plain or dripping with character? Such musings are no longer relevant in the new world, where human beings are uniform, tiny blobs on an anonymous mission to search out survival rations in the aisles of the supermarket.

This is all deliberate, of course. Behavioural programming is the formal term for such evil brutalising. We need the mask or we will die - even worse, constitute a deadly, irresponsible danger to others. And that mask shall not be the wild animal mask of the shaman, or the subversive mask of the carnival. No. It is the surgical mask, the one-fits-all plain mask. This is the name of the game.

Just in case you were wondering: "What about our health? What about the virus?" From what I understand, normally healthy people wearing masks in a supermarket, on a walk, whatever, is a pointless exercise. It's probably more of a hindrance to health than anything, reducing oxygen intake (leading potentially to symptoms similar to the breathlessness of corona victims, get that) and providing a nice warm home for all manner of bugs, germs etc.

As for keeping the virus away, it seems that the airholes in a surgical mask are much bigger than virus particles, so you-know-what can travel freely through. All this is explained far better by Dr Buttar in the link below who, unlike me, properly knows what he is talking about.

Yesterday I visited a chemists/pharmacy. As I walked in, I saw that the employees were all wearing masks. My gut reaction was that there was evil in that place. Literally. Not the people working there: they need the money to feed the kids, so do what they are told to do. But the anonymity behind the mask was a sign, a ritualised enactment, of evil.

My wife does not hear very well, and relies on lip reading to enhance her understanding of what is going on. She had a question for a guy working there. Behind his mask he answered. She didn't understand - she couldn't see his face. He repeated, behind his mask. She didn't understand, got flustered. I intervened, and translated for her. "Take that bloody mask off! What on earth are you doing?" I felt like saying. Maybe next time I will.

The mask, like the NHS claptrapping, is a ritual of consent. I agree to have my face removed, my personality eradicated. Yes, yes, I consent. It is good.

Communication between magnificent human beings, reduced to a muffle behind a bloody mask. It's all planned, programmed. Nothing is by chance in this brave new world....

Other rituals: social distancing, meticulously calculated: two metres or something. The cold scientific mind-fuck at work again. The expression itself comes with the flavour of evil, telling us that being social is dangerous, better keep your distance from human beings and rely on your smartphone instead. That won't kill you with a virus, like those human beings will.

Attention to detail, micro-detail: the rituals are choreographed to perfection. Cold and measured. You can go for a walk with one person but not two. You can travel five miles but not ten. You can go for a walk in the park but not sit on a bench for a picnic lunch (as I write, Scotland remains in full-on lockdown, unlike England. Our Great Leader decided that we should suffer a bit longer).

It's all ritual, dark ritual, dressed up as necessity, salvationism. The forces of darkness have indeed announced their presence, they have infected our everyday lives. All activated and enforced by their pathetic foot soldiers in dark suits.

Part Two: Awakening

Yet among it all, the mess, the wreckage, the loss and mourning, something unexpected begins to emerge. The veils slip away, the truth of the evil presents itself. Inhuman, brutal, the sharp knife. Seeing beyond the stories, the lies; the delusional beliefs, the panic, the hysteria. And the heart begins to melt. Just slowly at first, just a little. But melt it does. Open up, dissolve, break in a manner of speaking. The walls begin to flake and crumble.

Heart opens. Opens up. Contents spill out and over, the flow of feeling fed by the rubble, the debris, the wreckage of humanity and its lost dreams. Human lives defiled, betrayed; sold to artifice, to the cold steel.

A sweetness, unspeakable tenderness, intimate melting love. Awareness slips from the calculating head to the tender heart. All fear disappears; everything fits into place, all makes supreme sense. It is in the aching tender heart that we know.

Heart calls out to heart. The yearning is for stillness, for simplicity. A return to the authentic, the natural. The programme is the contrary: artificial, simulations and technological heartlessness, overseen by the heartless ones, the technocrats. Artificial intelligence, the human spirit extinguished, replaced by robotic conformity. With individual thought, individual feeling, individual expression, not even a wistful memory.

So the evil agenda throws up its opposite. Computer technology: a mixed bag. One the one hand, deep gratitude for its existence, granting the possibility of discovering the deeper realities of 'the current now'. Simultaneously, a deep distaste, a genuine revulsion for that machine sitting on the table top. The lurid green lights of the router winking at me, the light of the screen. This is all far from God. I shall not upgrade this year after all. Screw the smartphone culture, it's not for me, not for the authentic human heart. Give me a pen and paper instead.  


The doctors' roundtable with Dr Rashid Buttar comes highly recommended from Pale G.V. One of the best things on you-know-what to date. Buttar is a strong, passionate speaker who knows his stuff. There are clips you can download if you don't want the full two hours. You may need to subscribe to londonreal first, which means receiving their publicity afterwards. Anything subscribed can be unsubscribed, if you wish....


Tuesday, 19 May 2020

This is your captain speaking....

Part One

"There's something 'off' about things." "It doesn't make sense." "Something's weird, I don't understand." "It just doesn't add up."

These are not the crazy rantings of a conspiracy theory extremist about the 'current situation'. They are the words expressed by conventional-minded folk with 'normal' ways of life across the length and breadth of the land. More and more people are beginning to see that things are not the way they are told. The 'official story lines' beggar belief.

Let's not talk about government plans and policies, directives and order from those in authority and authoritarian. They are plainly inconsistent, dumb, mad. Though with a reason. But the deeper nature of 'the current situation' announces itself in many ways.

I have mentioned previously the name of the problem itself, the disease in the crown. And references abound, also, to Cert Of Vacc ID, 19. Not difficult to work out.

Various celebrities, too, declare their superior knowledge of events, the pre-planned nature of matters. With an interest in popular 'culture' that is roughly zero, I'm not the person to ask about this. But Tom Hanks is someone whose name crops up a lot, with his tweets about his Corona typewriter, for example. And Madonna is another usual suspect, with a video with gas masks and all manner of supposedly 'esoteric' symbolism.

The Bill Gates programme of the magic injection also comes replete with signs. '666' embedded in patent numbers relating to the vaxxeen. The enzyme to be employed, apparently, to make Gates's quantum dot vaccination readable is called luciferase. I kid you not. And the numeric total of the letters (where 'a' is one, 'b' is two, 'c' is three etc) in his 'implantable quantum dot microneedle vaccination delivery system' is - yes, you've got it - 666!

It's as if the programme is so pleased with itself that it can't help announcing its existence in thinly-veiled terms to the world. There is a reason for this, I suggest, which we will come to shortly.

Part Two

Research into the underlying nature of events requires one learns the attitudes of a detective. It is Sherlock Holmes-type work that one becomes involved with and, after a time, the skills and strategies develop and become more second nature. One of the finest detectives with regard to 'the current situation' is Amazing Polly. One of the best of the dot-connectors, and I recommend checking out her work (Bitchute, probably not worth bothering with YouTube).

There is plenty of courageous intelligent work being done by courageous intelligent people. Yet questions remain. Is there a virus really? If so, is it natural or man-made? What about Wuhan - accidental or deliberate or a red herring? The truth seems to slip between our fingers. It's as if there's something that everyone is missing. Maybe the truth is so weird and out-there that it's not being seen. Or maybe it's so in our face that we're seeing right past it.

There is a maxim: when you have tried everything reasonable, and none of that works, then whatever remains, however strange, must provide the answer. And so we arrive at...… the reptilian agenda. It's the only thing which makes any sense.

Maybe it's all orchestrated from an invisible realm. This may sound fantastic, though rather less fantastic if you have experienced deep meditation, shamanic journeying, a kundalini awakening, serious entheogenic/psychedelic work, got into magick, or are naturally sensitive.

Once you accept the possibility of the source being reptilian - or non-human, or other dimensional, or supernatural, as you will - everything changes. Those nagging questions about the details of the virus phenomenon become less pressing, no longer seem to matter so much. 'It's put there by reptilians' is all you need to know.

The nagging questions seem important because we are looking at things in a certain way, the way that human mentality typically looks at things. We like to 'work things out. Understand.' However, if the 'current situation' doesn't originate in this mentality, its source being in a non-human mentality (field of energy), things work in a different way. This 'we must work things out' is not the currency of activity in the reptilian realm. Maybe things don't add up because they are not meant to add up, not intended to add up. And the longer we sit here with perplexed brows, trying to make them add up, we remain diverted, trapped in a box which alienates us from the real source.

Part Three

It can be explained easily enough, like this. Some people talk of the universe consisting of different frequencies. Our normal human experience takes place on one, very narrow and specific, frequency band. All manner of thing is happening simultaneously in the universe on different frequencies, all of which we are gloriously unaware of.

Not being exactly scientific, I feel more comfortable with comparison with a television. There are loads of channels available. However, the remote control has gone missing - in fact, you've forgotten that there is one at all - and you truly believe that you've only got the one channel the television's stuck on.

Different formulations of the multi-channel nature of existence exist, but some schools of western mysticism speak of different dimensions, or densities as Neil Kramer used to term them. Normal human existence takes place in the 3D. This is a material, physical realm, governed by linear time-space.

Beyond this lies the 4D. This is readily accessible to human beings if only they make the effort. It is non-physical, and works in ways that manifest phenomena such as telepathy and synchronicity. It is, however, in common with the 3D, a dimension of polarities, of good and bad, light and dark. The 4D teems with bad guys as well as good guys. Here exist angelic beings, but also really negative ones. Demons, archons, reptilians, all these dudes that run on emotions such as hate, fear, jealousy.

Non-polarisation, and the love which seamlessly flows from the genuine experience of non-duality, doesn't kick in until the 5D. So reptilians and the like, saturated in negative emotion, cannot escape the 4D. They are trapped, lost, nowhere to go, which is one reason why they are so mad and so bad. Humans possess the possibility of moving into truly spiritual realms, the 5D and beyond, they have hearts and souls. Reptilians are naturally jealous, and go apeshit about it, doing anything to mess up the higher spiritual path of human beings.

So the 'current situation' is a massive psy-op to keep humans in a state of panic and fear, controlled and enslaved by dark forces, reduced to artificial mechanical beings, turned into inferior lookalike versions of reptilians themselves.

Part Four

There is a funny things about reptilians. It is said that they require our consent before they can carry out their programmes of totalitarian evil. We need to say "Yes, I'm happy for you to go ahead and do that." Without our consent to the plan, it cannot come into force.

For long, I had remained curious about the aspect. Just now, it begins to make some sense. Reptilians, and life in 4D existence generally, is not material. You do not - cannot -, therefore, win wars with guns, nuclear weapons, and the like. It's all 'mental' (using the word broadly). You win a war, not with bombs, but with mental events, mental energies. That's the plane it works on. Thus, consent, or lack thereof, which is an energetic impulse, becomes instrumental.

This, I feel, is the purpose behind those childish, barely-concealed, games with numbers and words which I discussed above. They are saying "This is the game, this is the programme. We're not hiding it from you, it's staring you straight in the face if you only look. It's diabolic, and don't say we didn't tell you. Are you OK with that?" This is the way that they broadcast their plans, and if we don't sit up and listen, the agenda will roll out smoothly as intended.

Seen in this light, 'clapping the NHS', which I have always found curious and sinister, takes on a particular light. It is a satanic ritual of consent. When everyone stands outside their front door to clap the NHS, they are  saying "Yes, we applaud the plan, we are happy, we consent. Please go ahead." And the ritual works because of people's ignorance, of failing to look and see that half the hospitals are empty, that beds which could be used to treat people with heart attacks, cancer etc are vacant because of 'the virus' etc. In one way, the reptilians are almost being generous. Their plans are so transparent, they are almost inviting us all to tell them to piss off. But while we don't, they will continue regardless.

In these times of high strangeness, it is vital not to be influenced by dark forces from the 4D. Panic and fear are their currency: this is their nourishment, this is our self-inflicted prison. Remaining free of panic and fear is the key to everything; remember, the war is on the psychic plane. Do this and the reptilians have nowhere to go but to skulk off.

I have a little ritual that I effect several times daily. It is based on things Neil Kramer said several years ago. I simply say "I am a sovereign being. I am independent. I do not consent to you interfering in my life. Be gone." Tell them with  heart and with conviction to just piss off, and they have no choice. This is, I feel, the key to the entire 'current situation'.

The links

There is some interesting, and some inspiring, stuff here. Well worth checking, in my view.

An excellent piece connecting dots, along with other important topics rarely discussed:

This 'incredible' article explained to me about the reality of manufacturing consent. I still gaze open-mouthed when I look at the photos. A life-changing article for me.

Amazing Polly is a top detective. Here's her channel on Bitchute: www.bitchute.com/channel/ZofFQQoDoqYT/

Never complete without Mr Icke. His dot-connector 'They have to lie and censor....' (15/5/20) can be found on Bitchute or his website, when it's not being attacked. heavy-duty info on the dark role played by UK authorities in 'the current situation' especially interesting after the first 30 minutes.



Sunday, 10 May 2020

The Lockdown Phoenix

Part One: Con-Spiracy

Some people like to talk about conspiracies. Conspiracy theories. They like to ridicule them; and if that doesn't work, then they try to ban them.

Here are some well-known modern conspiracy theories:

- A bunch of Muslims, who by all accounts were pretty hopeless at flying planes, seamlessly hijacked four planes, and with precision accuracy flew two of them into the middle of big towers, bringing them down. They were so skilled that they brought down another tower a little later without even flying into it.
- There was a dude who lived in a big desert in the middle of nowhere. He was so evil that he got a load of weapons together that were ready to destroy London in next-to no time.
- There is a gas, super-abundant in the Earth's atmosphere and necessary for plant life. However, when it is produced by human activity, it becomes highly dangerous, leading to imminent melting of all snow and ice, and to London, Tokyo, and New York being flooded out of existence.

In truth, a 'conspiracy theory' is any story about life which goes against the official version of events, spread by the organs of official versions of events. That's all it is. The term was, I believe, first employed by the CIA in an attempt to ridicule and discredit any ideas about the assassination of JFK which differed from the official story.

The use of 'conspiracy theory' is intended to ridicule, and thereby discourage members of the public from actually looking more carefully at reality. The only problem is that, with the passing of time, some conspiracy theories have proven to have a good deal of truth about them. Make of that what you will.

Current conspiracy theories abound around the topic of 5G. Specifically, we are informed that conspiracists claim that '5G causes you-know-what'. Ha! Ha! That's a crackpot idea if ever I heard one. What a bunch of idiots!

One way to try and dismiss people you happen to disagree with is by misrepresenting what they are saying, in order to make it sound more incredible. David Icke, the conspiracy king, is alleged to be among those who have claimed a causal relationship between the new technology and you-know-what. In fact, he has been thrown off Facebook and had his YouTube channel deleted for his pains.

The thing is: David Icke has never claimed that 5G causes the-nasty-thing. He has pointed out that the new technology seems to create in some people, at a certain strength, symptoms very similar to those sometimes associated with Covid-19. Particularly a certain kind of shortage of breath, an oxygen deprivation quite unlike anything associated with typical flu. He has also discussed the dangers to physical and psychological health that he believes come with deployment of 5G. So he is being deliberately misrepresented, at the very least.

Here's a proper conspiracy theory about 5G: We now have a new technology. It is untested for affects upon health, aside from a little bit by those who make it anyhow, and who have enormous vested interests. But we know that it poses no threat to health, despite it being untested. So we are going to impose it upon all humanity whether they like it or not.

Part Two: Lockdown Tarot

Three years ago I was performing Tarot on a regular basis, sometimes doing several spreads in a week. It was not something that 'I' exactly decided to do; it was more as if a decision was made that this should be done. 'I' was merely the vessel.

It was an energised and almost frenzied time in retrospect. I might now, with the passing of time, talk about 'creating mandalas' or some such. For sure, it was an exploration of the patterned nature of reality, a shift from linear, cause-and-effect consciousness, into a synchronistic, kaleidoscopic experience of existence and how it works. Life as constantly-changing patterning, everything laden with portent and meaning. Tarot had become the vehicle for a shift in consciousness, perceptual transformation.

Then the kundalini energy awoke, and the Tarot stopped. Immediately. It was as if its job had been done, a necessary shift executed. The peculiar quality of elements of life synthesising, which had been so characteristic of Tarot work, dissolved. A new perceptual pattern had been achieved: end of story.

Until just recently, that is. The unique strangeness of current phenomena surrounding you-know-what invoked the urge to look at Tarot once more. As if 'making sense' was as likely to emerge from the cards as from reading and listening to any number of articles, talks, interviews.

Around ten days ago I got out some cards again, and effected a reading about the high strangeness of current events. The state of the world. Looking for signs, for clues. It's like detective work, really.
The results were sufficiently interesting to deserve reproducing. Here we go:  

                        Ace of Swords

     One                Five                    Two
     The Past      Focal Theme      The Future
XX Judgement VII The Chariot   3of Chalices
                      3 of Swords

And a few notes on the cards:

Past Influence: Judgement: 'The angel decrees that it is time to get out of our current stagnant situation and arise to a new calling.' 'The end of the fight, not through victory and neither through surrender.'

Future Possibilities: 3 of Chalices: 'Love, passion, affinity, union, concord.' 'That desire which is not in Nature, but by which Nature is sanctified.'

Light: Ace of Swords: 'Triumph..... The crown may carry a much higher significance than comes usually within the sphere of fortune-telling.' 'The power of knowing oneself.'

Dark: 3 of Swords: 'Division.' 'Self-loathing leading to self-deception. Letting yourself be the victim.'

Focal Theme: VII The Chariot: 'Triumph, progress. Energy in action.' 'Triumph over events and demons.'

Part Three: Science is Very Diabolic Indeed

That friend of mine sure was onto something....

Last weekend I watched the livestream of Rose/Icke lll on London Real. As well as being eager to see what was being said, I took it as an act of solidarity in these increasingly censorious times. It was apparently the most viewed livestreamed interview in the history of the internet, over one million folk tuning in. Good news.

The aspect of David Icke's work which, more than any other, relegated him to the dustbin level of 'conspiracy nut' in the eyes of the mainstream was his claim that human events are deeply influenced by non-human entities, who are working to implement a dark agenda of control. Reptilians. "Ha! Ha!" shrieked the tiny minds. "He's crazy."

I had become interested in seeing whether David would introduce this aspect in his current expositions on the Covid crisis. It is a dimension which is integral to his wider take on the human condition, but discussing it might be a kind-of high risk policy. At the same time, in the midst of the unique craziness of Now, if there ever is a time for weird notions...….

It's around the 1 hour 57 minute mark (it's not a short interview) that David brings the topic up. "The human world has been infiltrated by a non-human force manipulating human society." These are more-or-less his words.

As Icke himself asserts, there are many human cultures which have taken as read the existence of non-human forces that interface with human affairs. Forces both benevolent and malevolent. I have written ad nauseam about the Gnostic take on the archons. Most shamanic traditions take this dimension for granted, and that normal human perception partakes in only a small portion of the whole. Inca, Aztec, Maya. The annunaki of the Sumerians.

In some Tibetan Buddhist traditions, should there be a problem, you would call on the lama to perform rituals in order to placate or banish the demonic forces concerned. It is as if, in the wider context of human societies, ours, with its dismissal of the possibility of non-human forces, is the anomaly.

We are ….. the..... anomaly. Why..... is …… that? Boom! Got it! Science! (and we are talking of 'science' as popularly understood and imagined in the public realm).

If you wish to accomplish dark and dodgy deeds without being detected -which is what you will want to do - what better way than to promote a belief system which automatically excludes your very existence? Brilliant!

The scientific worldview insists on the world as perceived through the few senses, and that alone. Anything else is deemed superstition or plain barmy. Consciousness is reduced to things going on in the brain. Religion, telepathy, ghosts, spiritual experience, supernatural events, non-human entities that can't be seen with my everyday naked eye: bullshit. Such is the splendid cover created by worship of the religion of science.

It's a great irony. The modern world looks upon science as so advanced, so clever, so superior. While what it has done in reality is to sequester humanity inside a tiny box within the great expanse of life. This tiny box with its belief system acts as a hermetic seal, excluding anything else which may exist in the universe. Human consciousness in lockdown, whereby the non-human force of darkness can continue unrecognised, undisturbed, without fear of detection. Until now, that is....

Religion of science: the perfect cover-up for evil. Funny, isn't it?

Friday, 1 May 2020

Science and the Twilight of the Humans

Part One: The First Part

It works like this. Get a population to take up a belief system - practically any belief system will do - and believe in it so thoroughly that it shapes their entire view of the world. Then you feed that population the ideas and behaviours you want them to take up, all in the language of their (now unthinkingly believed) belief system. In this way, you can get them to do whatever you want. It's a piece of cake.

For centuries, in western Europe and elsewhere, Christianity served the purpose well. Over the past two centuries or so, however, it has been replaced by science. It is through the language of science that the official version of reality is disseminated nowadays. Everything, but everything, is interpreted through the lens of science. It is the new God.

And so it has proceeded, along with associated notions such as 'progress', until we have arrived at the current juncture in human history. The shape of the world is, quite unconsciously, fashioned for most of the population by 'science'. And now, finally, the belief system presents in grotesque caricature: the shape of human civilisation is created by junk statistics and computer models produced by boffins sitting behind little screens. That is how ridiculous and unacceptable to the dignity of human beings it has become.

This topic has been covered ad nauseam over the years right here in relation to climate panic: the way that statistics are twisted, selected, altered, invented, taken out of context; and how none - literally none - of the many computer models predicting immanent climate catastrophe have been even slightly correct. If you still require tutoring on this, there are various places. I normally go to Tony Heller's realclimatescience.com  Thirty minutes here is time well spent for the dispelling of illusion and magic spells.

And so we arrive at the current panic. The current panic-demic, the plandemic. The Covid crisis. Statistics do the business once more. And computer models, which predictions change wildly by the week, mysteriously backing up what the population should be doing tomorrow. But hey, who cares? After all, it's science. It must be good.

'Flattening the curve' is the thing right now. It sounds like something that middle-aged women try to do as their body expands in all the wrong places. Personally, I check for curve flattening regularly, but mainly to get some clue as to when I'll be let out of prison, and when I'll be able to enjoy a coffee in town again.

I have assumed that people who visit this site know about this stuff, but I may be mistaken. So here are a few things that we actually know about this Covid-19 lark.

- People are dying. In many countries there has been an excess of deaths, maybe just for a week or two, compared to the norm for this time of year. In most places, the current rate is now within the bounds of normality (the UK is an exception as I write).

- Covid-19 deaths in the statistics are misleading, generally exaggerated. Go into hospital with anything, have the test, and you'll likely be entered as a Covid-19 death. This is happening. 'Fall down the stairs, die from coronavirus. It's a kind of magic' as one doctor put it. It is being reported by distressed family members, looking at the death certificate of a loved one: "It says Covid-19. He didn't die of Covid-19. He had a bad heart."

- The sleight-of-hand of the mainstream uses the expressions 'died with Covid-19' or 'died after testing positive for coronavirus', both of which mean something different to 'died from coronavirus'. Fraud, 'perception deception', which works only because of people's undeserved faith in 'scientific statistics'.

- In the USA, financial incentives exist for declaring coronavirus as cause of death. Hospitals get more money for coronavirus than for pneumonia. Just think about what that means.....

- More reliable than 'coronavirus deaths' are 'overall deaths': a dead body is a fairly unambiguous statement. In the UK, so-called excess morbidity can nowhere be explained solely by deaths from Covid-19. Many will be 'indirect coronavirus deaths'. People so terrified of the virus that they stay at home having a heart attack rather than rushing to the hospital. People not getting the medication or treatment they need, in care homes for example. People dropping dead out of fear, anxiety, panic, loneliness. And then there will be the needless cancer et al deaths because everything was closed down because of coronavirus panic. The cure will be worse than the disease, by far, I predict.

- And there's the test. The coronavirus test. And here you'd better go somewhere else to make much sense of it. But the RT-PCR test, which is the coronavirus test, was declared by its creator in the 1980s unsuitable as a diagnostic tool. All the same, it's rolled out and the world is shaped around its diagnoses. This is what you can do, once you create enough panic that people don't stop and say: 'Just wait a minute. What is this test? What does it do?' Once more, it's unthinking faith in the high priests in white coats.

-There are people who say that the test doesn't test for the virus at all, but tests for exosomes, which are things produced by the lungs to actually fight toxicities. By implication, a coronavirus positive could result from all manner of malfunction. But best check this out: as I said before "Don't know much about biology...."

-Statistics also fool people because there are an awful lot of people on the planet, and we fail to recognise this. Small numbers sound like big numbers. When Patel mournfully announced the death toll in the UK had passed 20,000, it sounded like the world was near its end. It's pretty bad, but it's not that abnormal. Several bad flu years over the past thirty years have produced similar numbers of mortalities.

Well, that was all of rare tedium. Pale G.V. tries to provide service with a smile, but there are times when that's not easy. But this basic info is included, once and once only, in case there are those who still didn't know....

Part Two: Who's the Boss?

Who runs the UK at the moment? Boris Johnson? No way! Priti Patel? In her dreams. Dominic Cummings? No, not even Dom. What about Matt Hancock then? Well, with his formalistic and faceless mediocrity, we're getting a bit closer to the mark.

These are the people who observation suggests are running the show in the UK.

First up, Professor Neil Ferguson, Imperial College, London. He's our computer model wizard who makes great predictions and everybody knee-jerks in obedient response. He's the guy who told Johnson that, without lockdown, there would be up to 500,000 coronavirus deaths in the UK. And you wouldn't want that on your CV, Boris, would you? Then, once lockdown had been achieved, he changed his estimate: 20,000 - 50,000.

He's done it before, with previous epidemics. If Ferguson had been right every time, the UK would be empty of human life by now. Any astrologer who made such a regular hash of predicting the future would be out of a job, and stacking tins of tomatoes in Tesco. But no. Ferguson's still at it. And they're still listening. Talk about smelling a fetid rat...

Ferguson is so good, he could get a job in climate modelling. I'm sure he'd get the UK drowning underwater in no time.

So what is computer modelling anyway? It's simple: take a bunch of data, a rucksack-full of questionable assumptions, assorted other prejudices, feed them into your model (which has its own sets of biases and assumptions), then bring out a load of 'statistics' which blinded-by-crap-science idiots swallow and follow like words from the Godhead.

You can produce any result you want with computer models, get the scientistic faithful to do anything. Computer modelling is summed up brilliantly by David Icke: 'Shit in, shit out'. Thanks, David. Spot on, as usual.

Then we have our other two big chiefs: Sir Patrick Vallance, chief scientific advisor to the UK government, and Chris Whitty, chief medical officer. They whisper things in Johnson's ear and he jumps to attention. They are our own mini version of Fauci and Birx, and really guys from the shadows; and it is a feature of the current Covid scene, that the figures in the shadows are now coming out into full view. No more hiding. It's both challenging and inspiring. Here they are; you're in our sight....

Vallance and Whitty: check them out yourself - I don't know an awful lot. Suffice to say that Vallance was, until 2018, deep at work in GlaxoSmithCline, and is on the vaccine network UK, which boasts fourteen members, twelve of whom apparently represent Gates-funded institutes. And Imperial College, of number-cruncher Ferguson fame, also receives funds from the Gates empire. I don't want to sound all conspiratorial or anything, but the Gates guy's everywhere; not known as B.G., Beast Great, for nothing.

The thing is, though: none of this would be possible without the dark magic of science worship. In this lies the source of these guys' shadowy power.

Part Three: Adolf Was Right

Once we learn to sit at the temple of science and statistics, we can learn many things. Let's take a look at the much-vaunted coronavirus statistics by country. How many people have the virus, and how many have died as a result.

A remarkable but little-commented statistic jumps out of the page, should we only allow it. Look at these figures (slightly simplified), taken today, for people with coronavirus and deaths from coronavirus. Italy: 205,000 cases; 28,000 deaths; mortality rate 13.5%. UK: 171,000 cases; 26,750 deaths; mortality rate 15.5%. France: 167,000 cases; 24,500 deaths; mortality rate 14.6%. Germany: 163,000 cases; 6,750 deaths; mortality rate 4.3%.

While people are dropping like flies in many European nations, Germany has a remarkably small number and percentage of deaths.

This can only mean one thing: Hitler was right all along. The Germans are indeed a superior race. Tough, resilient, able to repel even the most terrifying of assailants, the Covid-19. The Aryans are the best, and the rest of us should just shut up and get over it.

Speaking of Germans, there is another issue. People like to give previous Germans a hard time for killing all those Jews and assorted other folk. Like they were all psychopaths. No. Do you know what all those murderous Germans were doing? They were simply following the rules.

Following the rules. This is what we are all supposed to be doing. It's here in the Highlands, on our local website. People complaining about folk driving too far before they have their daily walk. Haven't they got the message yet? Why aren't they following the rules?

Following the rules is apparently what makes a good and responsible citizen. Just like the Germans, in fact. Except that not following the rules is a lot easier here than in 1930s Germany. Not following the rules here means at worst a fine; in Germany, not following the rules probably meant your wife and children getting killed as well as yourself.

Follow the rules. We're going to introduce a new rule. You have to throw cabbages at people in wheelchairs. You know what? These 'follow the rules' slaves will probably do it.

With 'follow the rules' we arrive close to the nub of how things might turn out. Everybody just follows the rules, and humanity is done for. Slave planet, game over. But enough people look at the rules, and make their own decision based on their innate humanity, this place will become a better, more beautiful one. It's that simple, really.

Part Four: Science, the Special Faith

A friend of mine wrote to me recently, suggesting that 'science is diabolic'. Now, this is a friend who I love to mischievously disagree with, and he loves to disagree with me. But I have to say that I found his comment very interesting, perceptive, illuminating. Thanks!

The religion of science is a diabolic affair. It completely cuts off a human being from their 'higher self'. In this way, it is a superior mind-fuck to any traditional religion. Distorted though they may be, still they offer the possibility of 'something else'. A higher or transcendent element to life, or meaning in life. Science, however, denies all that. It reduces the entire human project to numbers, figures, measurements. It is atoms and cells and bits and pieces stuck together like a big machine, no inherent value or beauty. Anything else is just superstition, or fantasy, or wishful thinking. It sees nothing beyond the physical world apprehended through the five senses.

As such, it also sees nothing aside from life, survival, the dread of death and dying. This is played out in the great drama of Covid. It's all about numbers, that's all: how many died yesterday, how many will die tomorrow. The quality, the joy or despair, of the living and dying is irrelevant. Release from lockdown depends on numbers of dead bodies, and that alone. The great human project reduced to a graph. Such a brutal, inhuman view of things.

It is not coincidental, of course. The science view is the perfect construct for keeping people inside that tiny box of panic and fear, where they can be controlled with consummate ease. The box where death is the end, the final end, and beyond that is nothing. The only aim: survival, prolonging of life. This is the confinement, the containment, of the human spirit. Break free of that box, and the entire project of control starts to fall apart.

So, we come to a novel notion: awakening necessarily involves the destruction of the scientific worldview. Nothing more, nothing less. What a revelation! Science as a useful tool in the marvellous human project: yes, certainly. Science as religion, the diabolic mind fuck: goodbye, good riddance.      

Part Five: Awakening

We have to enter the shadows. I don't think there is a choice. There can be no awakening without a sense of what we are awakening from.

For the current situation and the deceptions involved, I go for the heavyweights; that is my natural propensity. Icke, Drs Buttar and Kaufman for starters. They can all be found on londonreal.tv and bits and pieces still uncensored on YouTube. Get chucked off social media and you must be saying something with truth and close to the bone.

Another valuable starting point from my point of view is 21stcenturywire.com I used to listen to Patrick Henningsen, the main man there, years ago on Red Ice. I came to truly respect him a few years back, when all the mainstream media was going on about how Assad was using chemical weapons against his fellow Syrians. While all the mainstream was just reading press releases in their centrally-heated offices, along with little videos on Facebook, Patrick took his Easter holidays actually in Syria, seeing what was going on first hand.

The trick is not to spend too long among the shadows, I (along with many others) have discovered. Do that, and you can end up feeling disempowered by the vastness of the darkness. Balance of light and dark in ones daily life.

A couple of balanced pieces, IMHO. An article posted on David Icke's website, and a video by Aaron Doughty. He has done a number of them on 'conspiracies' and 'awakening'. Clear, easy-to-understand, accessible, and showing how light and dark can sit side-by-side.



I got back from my daily permitted walk a few hours ago. There were lots more cars about. Who would ever imagine that I would feel joy at seeing cars? Maybe all these people were going about legit lockdown business; I rather doubt it. I had a sense of people just being sensible, but starting to take responsibility for their own lives. This is all that is needed: to realise that people in 'authority', people in suits, actually have no God-given authority over your life, your soul, at all. Not one tiny bit. See that, and that alone, and the dark spell that has been cast over humanity will be broken. That's all it takes.

I was momentarily overwhelmed with a great feeling of joy. I realised that this what I yearn to see more than anything else on this planet. The spell broken, and human beings restored to their inherent dignity. It doesn't take much, yet is so elusive. This is what my time left on this planet is about, really. This is what I am here for, this is what I long to witness, to be a tiny part of.

And when you finish with a bit called 'Awakening', you're not sure whether you're writing a blog or listening to an album by John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnus....      

Sunday, 26 April 2020

To the Heart of Darkness and Back...

"Don't listen to anybody. Decide by yourself and practice madness. Develop courage for the benefit of all sentient beings." Tulshuk Lingpa

Never have the words of the visionary lama been as relevant as now....

Part One: Rock'n Roll Wisdom

'The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way, and you will see a brick wall at the back of the theatre.' Frank Zappa

'I'm vile and perverted/ I'm obsessed and deranged
I've existed for years but very little has changed.
I'm the tool of the government and industry too
For I'm destined to rule and regulate you.
You may think I'm pernicious but you can't look away.
I'll make you think I'm delicious with the stuff that I say.
I'm the best you can get.... have you guessed me yet?
I'm the slime oozing out of your T.V. set
                             Frank Zappa again.

And in this song, Lou Reed kind-of gets something of the spirit of the moment (not recommended for those with an allergy to loud distorted guitar noises)


Part Two: Evil Abroad

Here in the Scottish Highlands, we have been bathed in bright sunshine of late, skies a constant brilliant clear blue. All the same, there's been a foul smell in the air. A putrid stench has come wafting in off the loch and down the mountainsides. A real dense, suffocating reek. It makes you want to vomit there and then...

Officials in office. Government aides; medical advisers; scientific 'experts'. People in suits, with fancy names. Faceless, expressionless, hopeless (=forlorn of human hope). Calm and deadpan, issuing orders, spewing crap into Mother Earth's pristine air. Feigning authority and competence, but without a clue. Or maybe the Mr Bumble act is a put-on, a cover-up. Who knows? But the one thing for sure: their flesh gives off a horrible smell.

For reasons which escape me, the following passage from 'The Thought of the Heart and the Soul of the World' by archetypal psychologist James Hillman came to mind. I find it very interesting.

'The novelists William Styron and George Orwell, and the social philosopher Hannah Arendt, in writing of totalitarian evil and the Nazi systematic murders in particular, have each come to the conclusion that evil is not what one expects: cruelty, moral perversion, power abuse, terror. They are its instruments or its results. But the deepest evil in the totalitarian system is precisely that which makes it work: its programmed, single-minded monotonous efficiency; bureaucratic formalism, the dulling daily service, standard, boring letter-perfect generalities, uniform.

'No thought and no responsiveness. Eichmann. Form without anima becomes formalism, conformism, formalities, formulas, office forms..... Letters without words, corporate bodies without names.....'

Uniform, uniform, uniform. I would add mediocrity piled upon faceless inhuman mediocrity. This feigns to shape our world. The hour has come for the illusion to be taken down.....

Part Three: A Post-Covid Dream

They've been quiet of late, their place in the limelight usurped. But don't worry, they'll be back. They're lurking in the shadows, ready  to pounce back at the first sign of Covid's retreat. But in the meantime, I'm sure enjoying my little holiday from Greta and her dribbling and drooling hangers-on.

What a dream it is, though. Covid panic dies down a little, and Greta has gone off. Disappeared in a funk as thick as the air around Wuhan on a typical day. In her stead, for those who insist on taking their lead from young females, there stands Naomi. Fair, reasonable Naomi. Let us stop this panic, she says: it does nobody any good. Let us think instead. Let us consider, and be reasonable. Let us talk science. proper science. And why, oh Greta, don't you want to talk about the science?

And when Naomi speaks, the gods smile....

Part Four: the Inspiration of David

To think David Icke is, for many people, to think dark conspiracies, evil elites, and reptilians. Well, there is this side to his work. But why? Because he's a guy who properly cares about the world and its human beings. He doesn't always get things right, I'm sure, but who does? The following clip is a personal inspiration, and it shows where David comes from:


'Don't listen to anybody. Decide for yourself and practice madness. Develop courage for the benefit of all sentient beings.'

In the end - in the end - truth will always win out. Truth is far stronger than falsehood. The reason is simple. Truth stands on its own two feet, stares you straight in the face, with nothing to hide, nothing to lose. Falsehood, however, is in constant fear; fear of being found out, of its deception being uncovered. It needs to work constantly to maintain itself, by perpetuating lie after lie to keep its deceptions going. It is engaged in a never-ending game of strategic manoeuvring, in an ultimately vain battle to shut up truth, beat it into silence, into submission. This is all it can do. It looks scary, but is in reality itself running scared.