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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Not Your Friend....

Part One

"Culture is not your friend." Thus goes one of the better-known quotes from the eminently quotable Terence McKenna. These are, I suggest, words filled with wisdom. For myself, I prefer to expand Terence's words somewhat. The Pale Green Vortex equivalent runs like this:

"Mainstream is not your friend."

Politics, entertainment, fashion (of all types, including that in thought, belief, and ideas); economics, history, religion; health and health cures, energy and energy solutions; consciousness, mind. These are just some of the areas in which mainstream (the version of reality with which we are presented as properly real) manifests. All, in my book, require close scrutiny, a questioning attitude. At all times.

Not that everything 'mainstream' is false, bad, total delusion. No. But discernment, ruthless discernment, is necessary, in order to avoid being sucked into somebody else's storyline. 'Mainstream' is not, in the main, chosen by you; it is chosen for you.

Much of what is mainstream serves to maintain a certain version of the world; one which is predominantly humanistic, pseudo-rationalistic, materialistic, scientific in a one-eyed way. Generally speaking, its menu is one that disempowers, creating a small view of the universe which 'ordinary folk' inhabit. It serves as a cover-up of the Great Secret, which is the magnificent, miraculous potential of each and every one of us. It refuses access to our magical resources through feeding pap and encouraging passivity: citizen as consumer.

The strategies adopted to maintain mainstream are clever and many. 'Education' is a prime weapon, be it in schools ('get them young'), or through pop educators such as Professor Brian Cox (bow down before his image, oh ye of little faith), Dara O'Briain, economics and political commentators etc etc. Distraction is another most effective tactic: television, 'news', sport and so on. And, in a manner that is truly archontic, there is the use of the decoy. If 'alternative thought and living' is becoming a bit too popular and threatening, simply promote a lookalike, someone who appears to be alternative and right-on, but is really (probably unknownst to themselves) effecting the opposite. I don't know why, but Russell Brand comes to mind at this moment in time. There is also a host of group decoys, from 'environmental groups', to those demanding the end of capitalism and giving greater power to the state instead.

This attitude towards mainstream stuff, tirelessly churned out of Pale Green Vortex, is not because it makes for fun. On the contrary. It would be far nicer if it were not so. But decades of thought, living, experience, and research have led to the inescapable conclusion: Mainstream is not your friend.

Part Two

I suppose that things never appeared quite the same after LSD. In terms of quantity, my acid forays were modest: fourteen in all, scattered over a three-year period 1974 - 1976. It was high-dose LSD, however, and each trip brought its own valuable and still-valued insights. In hindsight, it was not so much the precise content of the experiences which had the deepest, most lasting effect; it was the cultural milieu within which it all took place.

One of the remarkable things about those early psychedelic journeys was how close and, in a sense, easy it all was. Dimensions of consciousness which were extremely different to those of 'normal', consensus reality were just the most miniscule of microdots away. It didn't take much at all to trip the switch (bad pun....); since then, the accessible nature of higher states has been borne out further by other entheogenic plants and substances, plus non-substance techniques of consciousness transformation such as shamanic journeying.

Other states of consciousness, which felt more true and real than 'everyday mind ', were innate in human beings, this much was obvious to me. The most remarkable thing was that nobody in the mainstream world ever uttered a word, aside from ill-informed condemnation of that most dangerous of substances, LSD. I had been through the best education that British society could throw at me, culminating in a not-bad degree at Oxford University. But amongst the hundreds of hours of tedious trivia that I endured as 'education', not a second was devoted to the topic of experiencing other states of consciousness.

It was a weird feeling, to finally, and with great trepidation, swallow a little piece of acid-saturated blotting paper and experience what unfolded in the following few hours. Nobody had told me about this: it was what I now refer to as the Great Secret. I did not know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't this.

For decades I tussled with this conundrum. Why wasn't I told? Why did the BBC so steadfastly lie to me, the politicians give misleading, largely untrue statements, producers of psychedelics locked away for many long years? Why the absolute demonization?  I finally worked it out; there was only a single rational conclusion. I wasn't told because I wasn't meant to know.

Part Three

It was early September last year when I would wake at 2am to the shining presence of a silver goddess of the moon, dancing behind my genitals and lighting up the darkness of the night with her scintillating brightness. With the continued unfolding of the energetic presence we may call kundalini since then, I have been compelled to delve into a little of the literature on the subject. This has consisted mainly of the work of modern 'kundi-actives', born and bred into western culture like me. At its best, this has saved my life; more prosaically, it has helped to make sense of an essentially non-sense process, and it has been reassuring to discover others who have undergone the same kind of non-ordinary experiences.

One fascinating aspect of this research has been my discovery that many kundi-actives have found themselves unavoidably of a similar mindset to mine of forty years ago. Experiencing a miracle taking place within their own physical body, they have been forced to ask the questions: 'Why did nobody tell me about this before?' 'Why the silence?' And some, mustering the necessary courage, have arrived at the same unappetising conclusion: they were not meant to know.

A very readable and full-length piece on the topic, with special reference to early Christianity and kundalini, is linked to below. It is well known, but frequently ignored, that the Bible is not an impartial collection of books by the best and only writers of the time. It is a carefully selected and edited product, one which has undergone many changes over the years as bits that are inconvenient and unacceptable to the message which the church authorities want to put over are deleted. In particular, anything which empowers the individual to seek out the spiritual by themselves has had to go.

With regard to kundalini/ twin flame, two major aspects make it dangerous and therefore unacceptable to the orthodoxy. Firstly, it bridges - or more accurately denies - the mind/body dichotomy, which is focal to the religious mainstream. It demonstrates the oneness of spirit with the bodily, the physical, the sexual. Secondly, the insistencies of certain guru-fixated Hindus notwithstanding, kundalini represents spirituality without the need for a pope, a priest, a guru. In modern times kundalini generally appears in an individual unexpectedly and spontaneously. Its progress is largely autonomous, it is its own guide and inspiration. It certainly requires no guru interfering in its inexorable course. Kundalini exemplifies how 'spirit' is inherent to the individual: the priest becomes redundant, the church as authority is rendered dead. This cannot be allowed. At any price.

Mainstream, indeed, is not your friend......