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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Return of the Archons

Part One

Yes indeed, they're back! Their cameo reappearance in a recent blog post met with a mixed response. Such is the way of the archons.....

The reason they reappear the way they do is that there are times when the behaviour of certain sections of humanity strikes me as so odd, so bizarre, so out of kilter, that only an equally bizarre scenario can be called forth to account for the current state of affairs.

The Gnostics and their archon theory are not the only ones to propose non-human elements as crucial in the moulding of human affairs. Castaneda astonishes in his final book with his chapter on the flyers, which bear close resemblance to archons. And there is the material on the annunaki, whatever we may make of that.....

I know people who have seen archons, but I have as yet failed to spot them, engaged in their pernicious activities.

So, for me, the theory of the archons is just that: a theory. Mind you, many things which people take as unquestionable truth are theory. Darwinian evolution is a theory. Cholesterol as a cause of heart disease is theory. And there is one of the most insidious of all, one which the archons wear as a badge of personal pride: the theory of human-induced cataclysmic global warming. For my part, while walking around town, I see more evidence to support archon theory than I do of Darwinian evolution.

Part Two

Having resurrected the archons on this site, I feel inclined to say a little more about how they are purported to work. So I hereby present, in my own words, some of the Gnostic theory of the archons, in particular as I have learnt it from the works of John Lamb Lash.

The human being in its natural state is, according to the Gnostics, a mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some more good, some more bad, but that's the picture. In our fallible state, we can easily make mistakes; fall into error, as it is said. Such error can be quite vicious, serious, nasty, but it is error. In truth, it plays a vital part in the destiny of human beings: it is through error that we learn. We correct ourselves as a result of bitter experience, and in this way 'evolve'.

There is, however, in human life, another layer; another degree of waywardness. The mind virus implanted by the archons permits error to run riot, continue unchecked and unabated, to perpetuate itself without correction. This takes place to such a degree that we eventually arrive at a different level of wrongness: where error tips over into evil.

In this way we arrive at the unusual notion of two-source duality. Much orthodox theological speculation is based on the idea of a single-source duality, in which good and evil issue from the same place, a God of some description or another. Such is Christianity, in which God is the All, the source of everything, and theologians spend millennia getting their braincells in a twist about the loving god who also created evil etc etc etc. The two-source duality of the Gnostics proposes that good and evil come from different places, that evil is the result of the perceptual distortion artificially imposed by the archons.

The archons are inorganic; they have no soul. They cannot be creative. So what they do is copy, replicate, simulate. They are very good at this. They introduce into the human mind notions that appear to be full of all manner of positivity, whereas in truth they demonstrate the opposite. The tragedy is how the majority of humanity remains well and truly suckered by the counterfeit realities conjured by the archons.

Part Three

Here, as tentative suggestions resulting from first-hand observation, are a few areas where the archons have successfully implanted their virus into the collective brain of sleeping humanity.

The archontic nature of much modern-day so-called environmental thought and action is well documented on Pale Green Vortex. It is the old archon trick of providing a simulation which appears to be the genuine article, while really effecting the opposite. In this case, how to save the planet by destroying it.

The modern cult of political correctness provides a veritable feeding frenzy for voracious archons. It is their same prime tactic: under the umbrella of mimicry or simulation, to take something healthy, distort it, and sneakily present the result as the same, while in truth it is the opposite.

Political correctness takes the truths of our essential unity and interconnectedness, and perverts them into the apparently similar (to the unwary) but in reality contrary notion of 'sameness'. This translates, as Neil Kramer once put it, into the aim of political correctness being to turn us all into blobs. Our magnificent uniqueness within the great web of interconnectedness is the foundation for self-realisation, spiritual gnosis, and so on. 'Sameness', on the other hand, renounces difference and uniqueness, viewing them as enemies. In this way, political correctness aims to sever us from our own paths of self-discovery, reducing us to identi-fit robots. In the definition given recently on this blog, political correctness is therefore, ahem, evil.

And then there's Europe. Here's what the archons want. They want you to think 'Europe' and immediately think Brexit, May, Juncker, Lagarde, Merkel, Tusk, parasitical French farmers, Brussels, and badly shaped bananas. From its inception way back when, what is now the EU was an archontic construct. Anybody thinking it is a salvatory instrument conceived by a bunch of loving, visionary Bodhisattvas intent on achieving lasting world peace should think again.

No. Authentic Europe is not the deadly perils of Brexit. Authentic Europe is magnificent. It is a rich and varied tapestry of cultures which mix, merge, and run into conflict in an infinite variety of ways. Art, music, cuisine, temperaments, ways of driving, dressing, and being. Just considering the richness of this resource makes you feel giddy. Europe has saved my life more than once, but the EU certainly hasn't.

Part Four

It is possible to escape the slimy clutches of the archons, but not through a mass movement or by 'attack the enemy' strategies. Developing authenticity, deep personal integrity, sovereignty, is the key to freedom. An authentic human being is, by definition, beyond the grasp of the archons, who can feed solely upon minds that are vulnerable to deceit through artifice. As transmitters of synthetic falsehoods, they cannot get inside the brains of the truly self-determined.

Developing sovereignty is no easy matter. It requires the courage to look deeply at the world created by the archons - which is most of the world that the majority of us believe to be 'real' - and to see it for what it is: an artificial construct overlaid on wonderful direct reality. No amount of meditation etc will do the trick if it is not accompanied by this looking into the heart (or lack-of-heart) of the world as presented conventionally through mainstream channels. In this respect, I wonder about some Buddhists I know and know of, who have spent decades 'looking into reality', while remaining staunch and sometimes aggressive defenders of the world-as-presented-through-the-mainstream version of reality. Anyhow......

One necessity for self-liberation from the archons: turn off the bloody television! And another: give a wide berth to mainstream 'newspapers' and internet sources of 'news'. Even brief exposure is sufficient to invite the archons in. Thinking you can move beyond the archontic sphere while watching BBC 'news' twice a day is like trying to heal a wound by scratching it constantly. Can't be done.

And that is about it for today, folks......

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