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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Apocalypse Now

Yes indeed. It certainly seems like that. In the eyes of many, at least. The end of the world is nigh; flood, pestilence, famine will be upon us in a flash. The Great Beast is on his wicked way, the numbers 666 emblazoned on his saddle. The world as we know it is about to collapse. The Trump is upon us.

It's a funny thing (and simultaneously gives the game away). A Stalin, a Mugabe, an Idi Amin, would provoke far less outcry than does the imminent arrival of the Trump. The horror, the horror, is also
funny (and for a second time gives the game away) because it suggests that the protestors actually believe that the alternative is, or was, any better. The Obamas, the Clintons, the Bushes; and further afield their partners in ideology, the Camerons, the Blairs, the Merkels, the heads of the EU, the Soros's. Are these good guys? Not at all - they're bad guys! They have sat aside, passively overseeing the demoralising of, the sucking of vitality and lifeblood from, the very nations that they had been entrusted to care for. They have been implicit in the troubles and instability of many-a country in the Middle East and North Africa that have led to the needless loss of life and home for many. So it's all a bit bizarre.

While I laugh, I also sometimes feel a little isolated: most of the people I know - though fortunately not all - are of the Apocalyptic variety. I am given to anger, puzzlement, disbelief, shock, surprise, at how many people have been 'had' by the official stories of the day, how they have been duped, deceived, and don't get it.

If I were put in charge of the Planet for a day, the first thing I would do is to close all the universities. The notion of academia is one of the mind-dupes (I have another word for 'dupe', which begins with the letter 'f', but prefer not to use it on this blog) used by the establishment, system of control, call it what you will, to keep people in their place. It has been a clever move over recent centuries, to exalt 'the mind', 'the intellect', 'the rational', 'thought', 'mentality' over and above other human faculties. As a result, the 'big mind', the thoughts of the academic, are taken very seriously indeed. They have come to possess magical import. The academic is viewed as a particularly developed member of the species, whose every utterance is to be taken most seriously, almost revered - as it should be, since it is a message straight from the new gods, of science and 'rational humanism' (readers of this blog will well know why 'rational humanism' goes inside inverted commas).

Universities, and therefore most academics, are primarily mouthpieces for the communication of the ethos and ideology of the time. In our present moment, this is the message of indiscriminate inclusivism and multiculturalism, the obliteration of gender, the denial of difference between people of different sexes, cultures, religions, traditions, and belief systems. This along with other memes that go to constitute the body of political correctness: human-engendered catastrophic global warming remains another favourite.

Most people who I read and admire for their intellectual contribution to the treasure chest of humanity - the people who have beneficially impacted upon my life - are not officially academics at all. They are self-taught; auto-didacts is the smart term. They have been compelled by personal passion to explore, to attempt to know, to make the world a better place perchance. Driven by the burning fire that is unique and individual to them. University academics, by contrast, are part and parcel of a system. To the degree (bad pun) that they depend upon research grants and similar, or rely upon peer approval for their work, to that extent they are no more than big-brained prostitutes to a poisoned system. Today they spew out politically correct bile and poison as a matter of bread-and-butter. As somebody once pointed out: apply for a grant to fund a research project into 'Butterflies' and you'll get nothing. Apply for money for 'Butterflies and global warming' and they'll be queuing up to throw money at you.             

In my experience, most academics are low-graders in terms of  full-spectrum humanity (there are notable exceptions - check out Jordan Peterson as an inspirational case. But they are few and far between, and generally have a tough time). I speak with three years of study at Oxford University behind me, so this is not purely rhetoric on my part. It was when I left behind 'higher education' and entered the 'alternative world' of the time that I began to meet people with real creativity, integrity, purpose in life. People to respect and admire.

Neil Kramer is somebody capable of articulating what many people sense, feel, know, but are unable to express coherently. He recently brought out his long-awaited (by some) Roamcast 20. On this, he lays out clearly many ideas about how current developments like the rising of the Trump may not be a bad thing. In particular, he draws the distinction between systems encouraging self-determination, and those based upon the dogmas and ideologies of collectivism on the other. It is collectivism in its various forms that has ruled the roost over recent times, and it is an approach that fears, abhors, and attempts to eradicate the magnificent uniqueness of the aspiring individual. This uniqueness is, to collectivism, inconvenient at best, dangerous and threatening at worst. The rise of the Trump, along with Brexit, is a nightmare for the global collectivist project. Neil Kramer is optimistic about the coming end of Empire; I hope he is right. The Roamcast is well worth one hour, fifteen minutes of your life.


Image: Apocalypse, Deviant Art