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Monday, 14 November 2016

And That Is The End Of The News.....

Part One

The moment 'news' becomes a commodity, to be sold on the open market. The moment it becomes subject to the vagaries of profit and loss, to the need to expand circulation in the interests of making money. The moment it then becomes vulnerable to fashioning, shaping, twisting, exaggerating, manipulating, falsifying in order to further the interests of some party or another. From that moment on it ceases to be the least bit trustworthy.

For the first time since I was born, I sense that the mainstream media is really struggling. And since, as a result of the process outlined above, it is primarily the mouthpiece of the Global Cabal, that network of ne'er-do-wells is likewise finding things more difficult than it imagined.

'Global Cabal' is the term I'm using today; there are many others available (some unprintable....). By 'Global Cabal' I mean a certain network of beings - politicians, bankers, other financiers, media moguls, miscellaneous other statesmen and women, members of 'think tanks' and other self-appointed organisations like Bilderberger, Tavistock etc, top level military, transnational organisations such as the EU and the UN. They all share in common the belief that they know best, and take upon themselves the job of telling the rest of the world how to run its affairs. This wish - this need - to impact upon peoples' behaviour progressively trickles down into more and more minute details of our lives: what we can say, think, feel. What jokes we can tell, what we are allowed to discuss, which subjects are acceptable and which form 'hate crimes'. In other words, they are the sponsors of the Thought Police of the modern day and age. All in our own best interests, don't forget.

But they haven't been having things their way. You see, more and more people have stopped listening. They aren't taking notice of the attempted manipulation by terror, fear and hatred that has been the stock-in-trade for the Cabal and its media henchmen over recent decades.

First up, there was Brexit. The majority of mainstream media in Britain was against Brexit. Viciously.
Notions of independence and sovereignty are anathema to the Cabal, which campaigned ceaselessly against Brexit. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, issued warning after dire warning. Leave the EU and we'd all be living in cardboard boxes within weeks. Just like the global warming alarmists, who predicted a bunch of catastrophes that should be upon us by now. But, miracle of miracles, loads of people didn't read the script.

Second, there's Trump. The vast majority of the mainstream media in Britain was completely against Trump, and launched a concerted attack on the fellow. The notion that anybody could even consider voting for such a buffoon was clearly beyond their comprehension. But people did. Quite a lot of people, in fact.

The morning after the US election, I didn't even bother checking the 'news' first thing, so certain was I that the Clinton was going to win. When I eventually had a look at the BBC, I was shocked, surprised. I confess that a sigh of relief passed through my being. What was most amusing was seeing the folk on the BBC trying to report the thing. It's like they were confused, not knowing how to behave or react. This wasn't in the script. This wasn't supposed to happen. Not at all.

For the Global Cabal, Hillary was pretty much the perfect candidate. A fully-fledged member herself, but, it became increasingly apparent, without strongly-held personal opinions on all sorts of stuff. In other words, an ideal vessel through which to channel the aims and objects of the Cabal. Trump, on the other hand, speaks his mind, even if it's not always pretty. He's been in a tight enough corner himself to have been forced to do a bit of homework on the machinations of the Cabal. He won't kowtow so much to the manipulations of political correctness. Not the kind of guy the Cabal wants at all.

I'm not saying that Brexit is a 'good thing'. I'm not saying that Trump is a 'good man' or will be a 'good president'. What I am saying concerns the spirit of plenty of people. The wet dream of the Cabal is that people simply give up the will to live, roll over meekly and do whatever they are told. Their dream is the collective nightmare. Phoney, purposely-created wars, political correctness; cataclysmic, fear-engendering global warming; encouragment to take offence and play the victim: all designed to knock the spirit, the emotional stuffing, out of people. So that the mass of humanity on Planet Earth will finally quietly submit. A few years ago I would have surmised that the scheme was working. Now, a goodly number of folk have woken up to at least one level of the 'matrix from hell'. This cannot but be a good thing.

Part Two

Now, I don't want anybody to cry too much, but this has created a bit of a personal problem. While most of my relatively newfound inspirations, contacts, and buddies will be roughly sympathetic to what I have been writing about, many of my older friends, going back to the 1970s, generally see things differently. What's more, some assume that I will see things in that different way too. They will bewail the demise of Hillary, tear out their hair at the idiocy of so much of the populace in voting for Brexit.

I think these friends haven't cottoned on. Having grown up in a time when the 'left' was closer to the alternative, they haven't realised that things are different now. That what was once 'alternative' has been effectively hijacked, and is now the orthodoxy. The Establishment used to strut around in pin-striped trousers and black hats, but no more. Nowadays it turns up in open-collar shirts and trimmed beards if it's male, or smart-casual, vaguely attractive but within clearly-defined parameters, if it's female. In its upper echelons at any rate, the Global Cabal has no political allegiance. It is shamelessly opportunistic and omnivorous. It will use whatever seems to work for furthering its interests, carrying out its nefarious projects. In the 1950s it was Tory stockbrokers; today it's blokes with 'Friends of the Earth' stickers in the car. The Global Cabal is truly amoral, truly opportunistic. Many people I know don't seem to get that. They can only translate my viewpoint into 'Ian has turned into a rabid narrow-minded fascist pig'. Which only goes to show how much they have been 'had' by Cabal-think.

I have in front of me the Thursday 10th November edition of 'i' newspaper. I have a copy because a neighbour of ours occasionally drops yesterday's edition through the letterbox, in order to keep my wife in touch with what's happening in the world (true story). Contributors to 'i' are, in the main, precisely the kind of people who consider themselves caring, tolerant, and all the other nice virtues. But in reality they can turn nasty easily, and are actually at the beck and call of global totalitarianism. They really don't like the outspoken, thinking-for-himself, take no prisoners and no sacred cows, style of the Trump. The paper is jammed full of vile, noxious, effluent which is really propaganda for the Global Cabal. About how the world is going to go up in flames due to global warming with Trump as president; what a disaster it is that Trump might actually get on with Putin (that's another System psy-op: Putin. He gets most of the bad press that he does simply because he doesn't play the game of one-world global elitism the way he's supposed to); how horrified Cher, Madonna, and Lily Allen are at the election result; racism, sexism, and all the other unmentionable things that are going to go through the roof now that Trump is at the helm. Most serious of all, 'Sturgeon raises fears over racist Trump'. Yes, Nicola, the world is hanging on your every word. Thanks for putting us all right on that one.

What a nasty fantasy world the mainstream has created. It now firmly believes in its own self-manifested nightmares, taking them as real. Less so do more and more 'ordinary' people. Bring on the end of the media mainstream. For me, it can't come a moment too soon.

Images: Top - Mark Carney. Be afraid. Be very afraid. And keep on being afraid. Carney is surely a pupil of the Lord Mandelson School of Dark Arts.
              Below - Tower, from Visconti-Sforza Tarot. A Tower may be collapsing, but what will appear in its place?