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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Psycho-Inactives Rule

On May 26th, with the minimum of fuss or noise, the much-vaunted and much-discussed-on-PGV Psychoactive Substances Bill came into force in the UK. There is little to say, really, that has not already been stated ad nauseam. That potentially dangerous substances are in existence out there is not the issue. They can be dealt with intelligently, should one wish to do so. A 'blanket ban' (Jesus, there are going to be some people getting cold this winter) completely fails to address the problem, and my suggestion has always been that it is not really intended to do so. As for a blanket ban on psychedelic substances, as Graham Hancock has been at pains to point out, it is a little strange. Laws on psychedelic substances are enacted by people who have not experienced psychedelics themselves, so have little idea what they are criminalising; and by people who, should they try psychedelics, would most likely have a very unpleasant time.

In a political world that is inhabited overwhelmingly by beings of poor quality, our UK examples are leaders in that very poverty. The balance of 'law' has been turned on its head - this is the bigger picture often unrecognised. Instead of things being legal unless expressly criminalised, new goalposts have been stuck in the mud. When you drink a cup of psychoactive tea or sip a glass of mind-altering wine, you do not do so as an unquestionable 'right'. You do so purely because the misgovernment has been kind enough to make special exemptions from the blanket ban for those few psychoactives it approves of. Nasty little totalitarians, really.