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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Celebrity Chef Merkel's Special Soup Recipe

"You must understand that this war (WW2) is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest" Attributed to Winston Churchill, 1940, quoted Emrys Hughes, 1950.

A certain amount of space is devoted on Pale Green Vortex to matters of geopolitics and parapolitics. This is not something that I particularly enjoy, or feel at home with. The prospect of groups of people dedicating their lives to organising and perpetuating programmes of control and manipulation of others does not sit well with me at all. My mind does not work naturally in the style of Machiavelli. I am often slow on the uptake, and am not even much good at chess. All the same, my 'consciousness research' has inevitably led me into serious consideration of the fabric of the human world we inhabit. It is as much a creation of consciousness as is the world 'in here'. Things and events do not happen 'by chance', nor are they just 'givens', any more than the dramas that unfold within the mind of the individual.

It is not an accident, methinks (sometimes reluctantly), that I have turned up in this world of heavy polarity, where the forces of darkness run rampant, in life 'out there' at least as much as inside the personal consciousness. There is a meaning, or a purpose, or an intention, in all this. Maybe it simply reflects the nature of my own consciousness, maybe it's a sublime teaching device, maybe both. Whatever, it strikes me that the notion of personal nirvana is out of the question. It just makes no sense, and there is no easy escape. Consciousness is everywhere, subliminally demanding illumination, and when the Bodhisattva in Buddhist stories vows not to disappear into nirvana but to stick around for all sentient beings, he or she is not really expressing a choice, but a universal reality, an inevitability. It doesn't come through in the Buddhist texts, but other than being satisfied with a half-baked, one-eyed version of nirvana, there is no option. Buggering off into Voidness just doesn't cut the mustard, doesn't come into it.

The sexual assaults and molestations on New Year's Eve in Cologne, Hamburg, and elsewhere were as predictable as they were nevertheless disturbing. Equally predictable yet disturbing was the reaction from much of the public face of Germany. In my previous piece I wrote about Acharya S, a woman of integrity and honour. This time round, no such luck. Angela Merkel, for one, Executioner-in-Chief of the open door policy of national suicide. The mainstream attempt to justify this awful move has been relentless, but it has failed to really wash. Then there are those who are complicit in all this. Rather than expressing condemnation of the acts of that fateful night and demonstrating some support for those who were attacked, Henriette Reker, mayor of Cologne, simply issued a code of conduct for women to obey in future, thereby keeping those 'men of Arab or North African appearance' at arm's length. Various so-called feminist groups simply bleated their indifference by commenting that white German men commit rape as well. True, no doubt, but not in organised marauding hordes. Then we have a male, German Interior Minister Ralf Jaeger, giving his tuppence worth. What happened on New Year's Eve, he tells us, is no worse than what goes on in right-wing chat rooms on the internet. Thanks for putting us right on that one, Ralf. It's true: simply expressing an opinion is just as bad as an unprovoked physical attack on a woman.

This is all shameful; I am tempted to label all these people as traitors to their nation and people. At the same time, I am aware of their status as victims as well as perpetrators. And, as John Lash eloquently points out, victim and perpetrator, abused and abuser, often exist in a mutual bond of identification. The dynamic is a single dynamic, the mindset of  the one easily apprehended and transferred to the other.

The mind control programme imposed post WW2 to keep Germany in its place has worked magnificently. Whisper a word of doubt or protest at 'multiculturalism', verbalise the smallest suspicion that maybe we are not all precisely the same (and that there doesn't need to be anything wrong with that), and you will get the stock retort: Hitler! Holocaust! At which point most people simply slouch quietly back into their corner. It seems to me that vast numbers of Germans have been comprehensively cowed into submission by a false choice presented to befuddle them and shut them up. Support open doors, welcome anyone in, or stand accused of being a Hitler Holocaust person. This is, once again, a false dichotomy: there are plenty of possibilities other than crass egalitarianism or being a Hitler Holocaust person. It's up to Germans to wake up and realise this.

There is indeed a good deal of racism in western Europe: much of it is directed towards the indigenous white peoples. Imagine if the New Year's Eve assaults had been perpetrated by gangs of white German males on young Muslim women. What a national and international outcry would have resulted; what venom would have been spouted at white German men. No holding back this time. Would Henriette Reker simply be issuing codes of conduct to Muslim women about how to keep the testosterone-fuelled German boys at bay? Don't think so. It is a similar situation in the USA. White man kills black youth, resulting in enormous publicity, outrage and public anger. Group of black men kills young white female: barely any media attention, as in the recent case of 20-year old Sara Mutschlechner, student at University of North Texas. The mainstream media distorts public perception, not so much by blatant lies, as by selective reporting, focussing or excluding as it sees fit in order to serve its own pre-programmed agenda.

Neil Kramer suggests that, when Empire is doing well, and things are running smoothly for it, its actions are invisible. It is when it is struggling that Empire's machinations come to the surface and are obvious to behold. I hope he is right on this one. The actions and manipulations of Empire are clear for all to see at present. The veil is thin, if not pulled completely aside. In the meantime, we shall see how events unfold. As Gurdjieff once said: 'You can never awaken using the same system that put you to sleep in the first place.' Wise words indeed. Empire cannot be brought to its knees through the ballot box (at least not as currently functioning) since it is an instrument of Empire. At the same time, individual policies of Empire can be questioned and overcome through the voting system. It is up to the people of Germany whether they find the courage to confront that which has been imposed upon them or not.

Oh, nearly forgot: the Merkel soup recipe!

1. Take plenty of normally incompatible ingredients.  Mix together well.
2. Stir thoroughly and bring to the boil.
3. Stand well back.
4. Serve with an accompaniment of indigestion tablets.

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