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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Down By The Riverside

Oh please. Just a few small ones. Please...... please!!!

On another occasion my wife and I were walking beside the river when we spotted four seagulls standing in the shallows. Nothing unusual about that: seagulls are all over the place hereabouts, even viewed as a pest by some people on account of their learned behaviour of dive bombing unsuspecting victims for their sandwich. On this occasion, however, the four seagulls were totally immobile, standing perfectly in line, all four pointed in precisely the same direction, and all standing on one leg. It was a sight both comical and magnificent in equal measure. We were not the only ones to notice the remarkable sight: a young male tourist was down by the river, camera in hand, smiling as he looked in their direction.

We watched for a moment before preparing to continue our walk. I then noticed something a little strange about the tourist with camera. Surely plenty of time had passed for him to take his photos, but he hadn't moved from the spot. What's more, his smile had hardened into a broad grin that had taken on imbecilic proportions. The birds were amusing, but not that amusing, I thought. He was beginning to look quite idiotic. It was at that moment that the truth dawned on me. The young man with camera wasn't taking photos of the gulls at all. In all likelihood he hadn't even noticed them. What he was taking was a selfie.