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Friday, 27 November 2015

Conspiracies and Strangeness on the Earthship

Image: truthandaction

"To see what is in front of our nose needs a constant struggle"  George Orwell

"All the great events have been distorted, most of the important causes concealed...... If the history of England is ever written by one who has the knowledge and the courage, the world would be astonished"  Benjamin Disraeli, former British PM 1868, 1874 - 80

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly"  Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 - 43 BCE

Part One

'Ah, Pale Green Vortex - another conspiracy nut job.' I expect more than one innocent web surfer has stumbled upon these hollowed pages, skimmed a couple of articles, then moved hurriedly on, remembering to delete it from their browsing history.

Is Pale Green Vortex a conspiracy site? I can't say. Partly because I don't really know what 'conspiracy theory' means. It seems that the terms 'conspiracy theory' and 'conspiracy theorist' first came into widespread usage following the untimely death of President Kennedy. They were employed to describe anybody who dared question the official mainstream story of the incident. The terms served the purpose of suppressing any questioning of the narrative by depicting sceptics as odd, paranoid, likely messed up, and possibly dangerous (this is a conspiracy view, by the way). 'Conspiracy theorist' comes dripping with ad hominem connotations, aimed at marginalising the person who  questions what we are told 24/7 through the organs of officialdom, the mainstream media.

Pale Green Vortex isn't interested in fitting into other people's twisted categories of humans, human thought and behaviour. Personal investigation over recent years has, however, alerted us to three related truths. Firstly, that the narrative relentlessly pushed in the mainstream is frequently one-sided, very partial, or plain untrue. Believe nothing without checking it out. Secondly, that a lot more is often going on than people let on - or that most people know is going on. The populace is presented with a very surface layer of reality, that's all. Thirdly, that many events that are put down to coincidence, or as 'just happening', are anything but that. A lot more planning, premeditation, and organisation are involved than we are told. Not always, but frequently: major international events don't usually 'just happen'.

The notion that there are forces at work darker even than the Camerons and Merkels of this world may be difficult to stomach. But the model is actually out there is the world already, recognised and assented to by millions of people every week. It's mainstream - remember Orwell's quote above. Take James Bond, for example, and Doctor Who - it's the same old theme. Weird, quite nasty, things are happening  - people dropping dead in large numbers, getting strange diseases, mutating at the drop of a hat, this sort of thing. Our hero sees that there's something seriously wrong, even if everybody else remains oblivious to the reality, and steps in to check it out. Overcoming fearful armies that possess an array of deadly weapons, blasting past terrifying monsters with eyes all over the place, our great hero finally reaches the inner citadel, the secret room at the centre of the spaceship, or whatever. Breaking in, he finally comes face-to-face with the little, bald scary guy, who just happens to be Controller of the Universe.

The thing about the scary guy is that he doesn't quite look and behave the way we expect the Master of All to look and behave. And the other thing - most important - is that his existence is barely known or suspected by anyone else. The vicious armies, the psychopathic monsters are all, seen from this new perspective, nothing more than sad and unwitting victims of somebody else's game, pawns and puppets in a bigger agenda they are oblivious to.

People love this stuff, lap it up. Maybe there's a subliminal recognition of truth there. Reality served up as entertainment. As if confronting the truth directly is too painful, too incongruous with what we are led to believe. Instead, reality presented as pure escapism. Harmless fun, ridiculous fiction. Brilliant. In the meantime, apply the James Bond model to present-day world affairs. It works, down to the finest detail.

Part Two

I try to proceed from a foundation of 'intelligent intuition' - a sense of whether things feel congruous or not. Intuition can be a more reliable guide than reason alone, since the rational faculty so often puts itself at the service of the most irrational ideas, ideologies, feelings and prejudices. Reason can be used to justify anything. so I mostly look out for a sense of strangeness, listen out for things that don't sound quite right. This is my normal starting point.

Here's a case of high strangeness. It concerns a burning issue of today, the so-called migrant crisis or refugee crisis. During the course of this year, enormous numbers of people have entered Europe from Africa, the Near and Middle East, by boat over the Mediterranean or over land through the south-east of the continent. Some are from Syria, others not. Some are genuine refugees, escaping war-torn areas, others are not. Some have real passports, some have fake passports, some have nothing at all. Most of them have their origin in countries that are well-known as hotbeds and breeding grounds of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. Nearly all pledge allegiance to a religion that is not top of the list for tolerance of other cultures and religions, or for encouraging multiculturalism on its home ground. Nevertheless, it has been pretty much open doors for these people, entering Europe without difficulty, being left free to march across the face of the continent to Germany, Sweden, wherever. Come on in; you are welcome.

So I find this strange, that people can just turn up at random, while western Europe is apparently at war with terrorism. Yet it passes without serious comment as to its 'rightness' in much of the mainstream media and in the utterings of the majority of politicians. That, too, requires some serious questioning. There have, in fact, been large demonstrations in several European countries protesting against the uncontrolled influx of migrants, but these gatherings have gone largely unreported in the mainstream. Funny, that.

At the same time should I, fully armed with my UK passport, wish to travel anywhere outside Britain, I shall be subjected to ever-more stringent controls and security checks: shoes off, bag search, pat down if I'm really lucky. You see, it makes no sense at all.

Here's another strange thing. How come ISIS (or ISIL, or IS. IS Cream?), which was completely unknown a few years ago, has turned into the most feared organisation in the western world so quickly? How is it able to hold the whole of Europe to ransom? Where does its money come from? Did they all work extra hours in Debenhams to fund their activities, their weapons? Isn't it all a bit,,,er... strange?

Then there's Syria itself, awash with a hotch-potch of rebel groups. Turkey aids rebel groups A,B, and G. The Saudis favour groups B,C,F, and G. The CIA covertly supports A,D, and E. Western governments indirectly help fund C,D, and F. It's a bit like shying at coconuts at the fairground: choose your target and have a go. And since rebels are known to quite easily change allegiance from one group to another, and that money and weapons are likely to flow freely as a consequence, the boast of various western governments that they support nice rebels while opposing nasty ones doesn't add up at all. We might almost start to wonder whether it's all a smokescreen, and that somebody stands to benefit from the chaos and confusion. Hey, shut up - that's conspiracy stuff.

The one consistent foreign agent appears to be Vladimir Putin, who at least says 'rebels are rebels, end of story.' And amidst the mess, everybody has conveniently forgotten there is a President of the country with as much legitimacy to go about his business as most of those in the nations all around him.

So it's all highly bizarre, taken on the surface level at least. You might end up feeling that there's more to all this than meets the casual eye. That there are forces, designs, at work that the BBC and Daily Telegraph, Cameron, Obama and the rest aren't very up front about. Maybe they don't know exist themselves.

One of the 'conspiracy' (read 'nuts', 'crazy' to the mainstream) notions relevant to the interrelated messes detailed above is that of 'white genocide'. Bit of an emotive term, that.  The story goes that there is a conscious, deliberate attempt to wipe out white, European cultures, and that the ideal of multiculturalism, pushed relentlessly despite the unfolding mess that it has spawned, is part of this programme of racial removal from the face of the planet. Crazy. Nuts. Lobotomy case.

I do not intend to present any opinion here. But I feel it is incumbent on any responsible individual, concerned about the state of human affairs today, to avoid knee-jerk reactions and at least check this kind of idea out. Don't try wikipedia, which is fine for births, marriages, and deaths, population sizes of cities, that kind of thing, but not fit for purpose otherwise.You need to go closer to the source; Red Ice, linked to from Pale Green Vortex, has little else nowadays. Some of the articles listed there are good, others moderate, others prejudiced trash; but it's up to the individual to discern. There's plenty of other stuff on the internet, easy to find if you only dare. 21st Century Wire is another news site worth looking at to get different angles on the global political game.

Another question - bit of a taboo, maybe slightly less so today - concerns the role, if any, of Zionist Jews in the current poisonous soup. Check it out. there's no need for immediate conclusions. Put it in your bag of possibilities and get on with your life. That's the method.

Having said that, I am going to make a few tentative suggestions which, if adopted, might help bring a bit more sense and humanity into these subjects. Firstly, that the world stops feeling sorry for the Jews. If I look around, I feel they are doing very well for themselves, thank you. By the same token, I propose that people of Germany abandon the attitude of eternal guilt and atonement for the sins of the past. Most people alive today weren't even born when World War Two ended. These are outdated attitudes that continue to be promoted by those who stand to benefit from them (hey, that's a conspiracy view if ever I heard one). Time to move on. Maybe it's also time to stop blaming the former imperial powers of Europe for all the woes of Africa. I am aware that many nations of Africa continue to be fleeced, manipulated, blackmailed by global financial institutions, but the time comes when personal, or at least national, responsibility needs to come to the fore. Most African nations were granted independence half a century ago, plenty of time to do something. Yet many continue to live at a level of conflict, division, and general viciousness that the imperial nations could not have dreamed of. It's time to go Zen: look at the present, live in the present. Anything else is a self-indulgent luxury we cannot afford.

And that, folks, is it for now.......