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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hammer a Witch Modern-Style

I have long contended that the persecution of witches never really ended; it is just the form of persecution that changed. Burning women and torturing people in unimaginable ways in the name of the Inquisition was not a very clever long-term strategy. After a while, people begin to raise their eyebrows, complain quietly, stop being your friend. So a change of tactic is required: something more subtle, more softly-softly maybe.

The force that led to the persecution of witches shows itself in many ways today. There is the demonisation of so-called psychedelic-type plants and substances, a theme explored in various posts on Pale Green Vortex already. Then there is the matter of our physical health, a topic close to the heart of any bona fide witch. The draconian measures quietly implemented in the EU against plant and herbal remedies can be easily researched, should you be unfamiliar with the subject. The explicit aim: to protect the general public from exploitation by unscrupulous herbal people (read 'witches') with their unproven remedies. The real aims: to maintain a monopoly for Big Pharma in human health, and to eradicate any opposition to the materialist philosophy underpinning that monopoly.    

'Cancer: the Forbidden Cures' by Massimo Mazzucco is a film readily available through You Tube, and well worth watching (catch the complete, 92-minute version). The effectiveness or otherwise of the 'forbidden cures' covered in the film is not the main point here, and I am in no position to say much about them anyway. Most revealing is the manner (described in the first part of the film) in which the pharmaceutical giants took control of health care at the beginning of the twentieth century, establishing the paradigm that has remained in place ever since. They remain as jealous of their monopoly as ever - check out, using discernment and the ability to read between the lines, the aggressive dismissal of all the 'forbidden cures' on Wikipedia, for example. In the UK there exists the Cancer Act, which makes advertising anything outside the holy trinity of surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy a criminal act. Again, the general public needs to be protected from manipulation, and from being given hope where none exists. Bloody hell, this general public seems so hopeless and stupid that it should all be lined up against the wall and shot, to put it out of its collective misery. Fortunately, there are some all-loving bodhisattvas around to take care of the interests of this idiotic general public. They utilise their undoubted superiority to great effect. You can find them in government, sitting as experts on panels, pocketing academic grants in universities, looking after the general public by compassionately sitting on boards of directors. Meanwhile, the fact remains that our modern drug producers don't have a clue as to what cancer really is, and can only repeat ad nauseam their holy trinity of crude solutions: chop it out, blast it out, or poison it.

At the end of the day, witch hunts, witch persecutions, are about our minds; the battle for our minds. Anything that challenges the mainstream paradigm of personal disempowerment is fair game. Any dissenting voice is the siren call of an evil witch, threatening to expose the Great Lie that underpins the mainstream. So I was interested to come across this article recently. Persecution of the witch extends across the entire board of our health: spiritual and psychological health (sacred plants, alternative therapies), physical health (forbidden and ridiculed cures) and mental health (defining the norm and removing whatever does not conform to that definition as being 'sick'. The Cuckoo's Nest is alive and well.....)

Yes, catch this: